Wednesday, August 7, 2013

BronyCon Recap

I don't talk about it much on Twitter or Facebook (cause not many of my friends share the interest) but I'm a big My Little Pony fan. 

Annnnd I went to BronyCon with the boyfriend last weekend! Ahh it was so much fun! Almost a year ago my boyfriend surprised me with the tickets as an anniversary gift, and since then both of us had been so looking forward to it. And at last the weekend finally arrived so we packed up our bags and flew to Baltimore to hang out with the bronies! 

We got there Thursday night and met up with a friend and well, we fucked up and got really drunk. So we were pretty hungover for the whole first day of the con. Whoops. Still, we sucked it up and went to as many panels as we could and enjoyed ourselves as best as we could. 

Luckily, the both of us were totally recovered for the next two days and so the rest of the con passed by much more smoothly. We went to the vendors hall and met some fellow artists and picked up some pony merch, went to BronyPalooza and almost literally brought the house down with everyone jumping and dancing so much. That was fun. 

I saw so many good cosplayers too! The effort that went into making those costumes were amazing. I should have taken pictures but I hate carrying my purse around so I left it at the hotel, along with my camera. Damn. Oh well. I had been meaning to cosplay myself, but I goofed and dyed my hair  the wrong color, which was hilarious but also WHY DID YOU LIE TO ME HAIR DYE

For the record, I meant to dye my hair purple, like I had it this winter. Instead I dyed it blue. :| Wompwomp.
I'm gonna have to dye it back to a natural color anyway, cause I start work at the end of this week. 

Anyway I guess that's it. 



Saturday, July 20, 2013


Hey remember that time I used to update this blog?

Yeah I don't really remember it either.


And I thought I'd share some stuff with you guys!
I just realized I collect a lot of dumb and/or useless stuff. Like bits of paper with notes on them and tickets and keychains and tins that look cool and also what I use to store my bits of paper.

I've already shared the box of paper stuffs, so now I'll show you my other collection of useless stuff! Keychains!

Kay here we go: 

Friday, March 22, 2013

Hourly comics and Trieste

Yao internet.

Today I decided I'd do an hourly comic of my Friday. Here's how it went (click for big):

Oh, also, I took some photos yesterday when i went to Trieste so I thought I'd share a couple of those, too. I'll drop them down after the break. 

Thursday, March 21, 2013

Party in the castle

Last week I went to Gorizia with my cousin and his friend Gabriel. We thought it'd be fun to head up to the castle at the top of the city. I brought my camera along and took a bunch of pictures along the way. Fair warning, this is a photo heavy post.

Thursday, March 14, 2013


Haven't had much time to update with photos and things here. My time in Italy's been cut in half so I've only got till beginning of April before I have to go back home.

I'm trying to make the most of it by going and seeing as many places as I can before then. I'm going to try to go to Florence sometime next week, and if it's possible I really, really want to see Rome. Its silly, really. I've been to Italy so many times to visit family and not once have I been to Rome. What the fuck, family?

Anyway. I have been drawing still. That's why I'm here after all. I like doing life drawing exercises at the station in Venice. Tourists from all over the place stop to take their first photos, or sit down on the steps to have a cigarette while waiting for their train, pigeons all around trying to find a few crumbs to eat....Its all very nice. Lots of fun things to draw. I dont have a scanner here unfortunately, and the quality is greatly reduced when I take a picture of my drawings, so I'll just upload them when I get back home.

I do still do my digital arts and stuff too, though. Today I did some speedpainting using Daft Punk as my reference, because I am excite for new album. Yiss. Also I love those glowy costumes in Tron: Legacy. They're cool. I want clothes like that.

Speaking of clothes, I got a sweater that says "For Cool People Only"

Because I'm cool. Of course.

Oh, here is le Daft Punk drawing. I can show you this one since it's digital c:

Anyway, I better be off. 


Thursday, February 28, 2013

Clothes: i talk about them sometimes

I have no one to show my new clothes to, show I'm gonna talk about them here because fuck you okay I like clothes THEY ARE PRETTY.

Yesterday I went shopping with my aunt and bought

  • 2 shawls (scarves? shawls? There's a difference right?) 
  • 2 shirts (one with elbow patches--yes, I caved. I LIKE THEM OKAY)
  • and an olive coat
And that's it! I don't like shopping, it stresses me out. (Usually I try to avoid it but I didn't bring too many clothes with me when I left Chicago so I felt like some shopping was in order here.) There's too many pretty things and its hard to choose because I hate being that person who goes into the store and buys a ton of stuff, then the next day comes back and returns over half of it (like my mom), so I really sit there and think hard about whether I'd wear some piece of clothing more than once, and usually the answer is "Its pretty, but nope" SOOO I only end up purchasing a few things. 

I'd take pictures but I'm a lazy butt and this entire blog post is pointless soooooo nope.avi  


Monday, February 25, 2013


Been a while since I last updated. I've been hanging around, mostly with family and stuff. The weather's been pretty bad lately so I haven't taken many photos or gone out much because gloomy weather makes me feel like a blob. 

I miss home a lot. As nice as it is to be here in Italy, I really miss spending time with my best friends and my boyfriend and just being with my family. I know that as soon as I got home I'd probably wish I were someplace else, but I guess that's just how it goes. 

I hope it warms up soon. Its quite different being here during the winter. I've only ever visited during the summer, and it feels a little strange to go outside in a big puffy coat, when around me many of the trees and bushes still have green leaves (and palm trees! what.) and if not for the cold gusts of wind, you'd think it was summer. 

I don't know what else there is to talk about. It would be nice if I had someone else going through the same experience with me. It kind of sucks that I'm here alone. Its harder to make friends who are my age. My cousin is the same age as me, but he acts like a big know-it-all about EVERYTHING, and I can tell that he doesn't like escorting me around everywhere, and I don't want to be a bother. 

Anyway, I suppose its a nice change from my routine at home. And when I come back I have many new changes to look forward to, so that will be good too. 

Also, I miss hockey. :| 


P.S. Little Oscars blurb: Paperman won for best animated short! Yay!!! I don't think I talked about it, but I really, really loved the animation in that film. Just really a remarkable combination of 2D and 3D. Definitely deserved the award. Besides that and Christoph Waltz winning, all I cared about in relation to the Oscars were the dresses. Jennifer Lawrence in that Dior, hnnnngg such a beautiful dress god DAMN.