Tuesday, September 27, 2011

La La La, What's That? A Rant!

[Omg. Coolest title ever right? I thought of it in like, point two seconds, cause I'm so cool and also I don't care. Mostly I don't care. Actually I just completely don't care. The title is the last thing I think about. Anyway, actual post begins below. ]

So usually when I'm at work I like to rant about things in my head, mostly about stuff that's irritating/monotonous (like working in retail, hey, fancy that coincidence! >:| ) and I figured I'd actually write some of the things that bother me down.

I'm not a nice person when I rant to myself in my head, so um, don't expect too much of the niceness in this post.


Work began today as it usually does: I clock in and go downstairs to my department to see what needs to be fixed how fucked up it is. (Problem with having the evening shifts is that by the time it gets to be 5 o'clock, the store is like, irreparably damaged. So all I can do is attempt to make it look appealing to the eye. Oh and you know, I usually don't get home till 11pm, and I have school to worry about too. THAT'S FINE.) So I get straight to it, lining everything up, putting shit back where its supposed to go--seriously, there are like whole aisles that are un-passable because there is just that much shit on the floor. WHOLE AISLES. WHAT THE FUCK IS WRONG WITH PEOPLE? PUT IT BACK ON THE SHELF. /end mini-rant--blah blah blah. It gets pretty boring. Very routine. But not an interesting routine so of course I hate it.

Anyway. This brings me to Problem #1. Kids.

I can always tell when a kid has been through one of my aisles.
Telltale signs:

  •  Aisle is unpassable and bottom shelves are almost completely empty. (see above mini rant)
  • Boxes containing shiny objects have been ripped open and thrown on the floor.
  • Toys are not where they are supposed to be. (My department doesn't do kid stuff.)
  • Food items are opened. 
  • Breakable items are broken.

[Side note: all of the above happened today. Do I win some sort of prize?]

The last one leads me back to today. Within ten minutes two items (both glass) were broken and all over the floor. How nice. -_- Guess who broke them? Did you guess kids? Good for you! Here, have a cookie. (lol no way, these cookies are mine) Now guess how many necks Katie wanted to break today. If you guessed a bajillion, WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU THAT IS AN INSANE/INCONCEIVABLE AMOUNT OF NECKS TO BREAK. STUPID. (the correct answer is 4)

One of the items happened to be an hourglass, so I had glass and sand all over the place. I came over to the aisle when I heard the popping crash and I see a stupid little boy standing in the middle of it next to his stupid mother. The mom gave me this look that said, "Oh, what could I do? Its an unavoidable situation."

Kids are the worst thing you could possibly bring to a store. Not only for the store but for you. No really, they ask too many questions, they whine and scream when you say no to something they asked for, they make messes and always have to go to the bathroom as soon as you get into the store.
Basically they're little vessels of destruction.
DO. NOT. BRING. KIDS. TO. A. STORE. Stow them away somewhere. Or something more sensible, like leave them with your spouse or babysitter or what have you.


Can you guys tell that I kind of dislike kids? Man I'd make a terrible babysitter.

Stupid Kid and Stupid Mom #2 I encountered later on in the evening. Had a mini stare-down with the kid. I say mini stare-down because he was actually miniature in size, not because it was short. It lasted a while actually. Kid was unraveling some decoration thing that he'd ripped out of a box (threw the box away somewhere, found it two aisles down) and messing around with them. Where was mommy? Oh, you know, doing her thing, shopping for shit she probably already has, PAYING NO MIND TO THE TINY LITTLE PERSON SHE BROUGHT ALONG WITH HER.

A two year old in an aisle full of boxes and breakables? Yeah, no problem honey, you go do your thing and I'll do mine.

HELL TO FUCKIN' NO. You bring a little Trouble Tot with you, you gotta watch him, not me. Please and thanks. I won the mini stare-down, by the way. Bitches better be scared of me.

That concludes my ranting on Problem # 1.

On to Problem #2.



After hearing the same 50 songs being played over and over each and every week, a person will start to get a little stabby (or wants to break 4 necks). This feeling intensifies when you already don't like the music you're listening to from the very first time you hear it. Oh, actually I have the perfect clip to describe the awful repetition of listening to the same thing over and over again. (The song actually plays in the store, too. Only one I can tolerate though, lmao)
Lol it's perfect. Happens to me every day. And I also loved this episode. 

I was going to rant more but then I remember the video clip and it fit perfectly with today's events. Kept humming along to the same songs over and over again, and then also hating on them and being all FUCK YOU TAYLOR SWIFT YOU STUPID WHORE whenever the limit of listening to her whiny voice talk about fairy tale loves and damaged female protagonists came back around.

Anyway, I think I'm done ranting now. Yep, I'm done.


Friday, September 23, 2011

Missing stuff/Catching up on stuff

I'm going to sit here and talk about things that I miss now, because my photography professor has given us an assignment that involves representing your background and your culture and all that shit. Also I'm a little hormonal and sappy which basically means I'm just emotional and dumb right now.

Hmm. Lets make a list. With bullet points! And a title! Yeah.


  • Hockey. You guys, its almost October. *flails everywhere* 

  • Summer. Its fucking already starting to get cold and I'm pissed. I'm going to be pale and miserable and cold and a blob all winter. Okay no I'm not going to be that miserable BUT I WILL BE PALE AND I WILL BE A BLOB. AND COLD. My skinny self does not do well with Chicago winters. 

  • Not having to worry about braces. I HATE THESE STUPID THINGS. I remember going through high school and staring at people's teeth and getting that reflex mini-cringe when I saw they had braces....And now I have them. Yay. I don't like teeth (they just look weird to me. And feel icky, especially when dentists get all up in there with their metal contraptions and start poking around and you feel the metal scrape against the tooth and EW OKAY I'LL STOP TALKING ABOUT THIS CAUSE ITS GROSSING ME OUT) but they're kind of an important part of your face (ugly teeth=turn off. sorry boys) so I can't help but stare at them. Maybe that's just me. Its probably just me. Normal people would look at the eyes or something...Anyway, point is, I miss not having to constantly worry about my teeth and how my smile looks different and blah blah blah I'm being self conscious, whatever.

  • My friends. I made the right decision in leaving Champaign, I firmly believe that I did what was best for me there, but I still miss being able to walk over to my best friend Christian's dorm, order a pizza and watch one of our favorite movies together. Or have a nail session with Paige, where we'd swap stories and plan dinners. Or just roaming around the campus at night with the gang, making new inside jokes for every party we went to. It was fun. Now, I'm much too focused on school and earning money to have much time to go out and socialize, and I kind of wish they were still close enough where I could go visit them when I have the time. Oh well. I've got a goal and I'm going after it, some things will just have to wait. SORRY, SOCIAL LIFE.

  • My boyfriend. He lives in the suburbs and I'm in the city, and we both work and we both have school to attend so its not always easy to make time to see each other. Its hard sometimes, being away from each other all this time, but we get through it. Still, this week has been particularly stressful and hectic for me and I just wish I could go and see him and be comforted by him but again, it's got to wait. I know my limits after pushing them last year, I know how much I can balance at one time and when it goes over the top and I start making myself sick, so I'll just have to wait it out until my school and work schedule clears up a bit. Time management is hard, you guys. 

  • Actually enjoying my job. I'm working in retail until I can get a job in my field and its no fun at all. Customers are assholes. And dirty. Seriously, they're slobs. Disorganized slobs. My job is basically to make the store look as organized and presentable as it possibly can be and I think customers secretly enjoy messing all my hard work up. Assholes. If you don't want to buy something, PUT IT BACK WHERE YOU FOUND IT, DONT DROP IT ON THE FLOOR. WHO PUTS THAT AWAY, A FUCKING MAGICAL FAIRY DUSTER? NO. I DO, YOU STUPID IDIOT. /endrant I just wish I had a job where I was more appreciated I guess. Working with IP/HD last year in Champaign was a ton of fun. I spent long hours there but I was doing something I really enjoyed, and what I did really mattered. Everyone on the team mattered. That's what I like about video production. We're the little guys that nobody sees, but without us you wouldn't be seeing anything. We're cool people, basically. 

  • But the thing I miss most, the one that I've been thinking about ever since this assignment was given to us two weeks ago, is being a kid. Man, it was so easy just being 10. I didn't have to worry about working, or how my life would be in five years, or how to pay for college, or any of the shit I have to worry about now.When did everything get so worrisome and complicated? I miss being little. I miss climbing trees and not understanding that actors didn't really die when they got shot in movies. I miss playing pretend, and watching Toy Story over and over again, and seeing the presents under the Christmas tree at four in the morning and wondering why Santa's handwriting looked just like my mom's. I miss the simple life of a kid.

I've rambled on long enough I think. No more mopey Katie now. -5 cool points for being a loser derpface.

IN OTHER NEWS, I watched the season premier of How I Met Your Mother, finally. Couldn't watch it all week cause of work/school, but yeah, I got around to it eventually. Good stuff. BE WITH ROBIN, BARNEY, JUST DO IT. Nora is a stupid, one-dimensional character like Jane WhatsHerFace from Thor. She's basically a one dimensional version of Robin, so of course I'm upset that she's Barney's love interest when clearly HE BELONGS WITH ROBIN GUH HUHH HUHHH.

Also watched the pilot of New Girl recently. It was no different from the trailer. But I guess since it was the pilot I shouldn't have expected much else. Hoping the next episode is good. I'll decide whether to continue with it or not then.

Sunday: Bears v. Packers. After last weeks shitshow (O-line, I'm looking at you) I'm kind of on the edge of my seat waiting to see how they respond to their failtastic performance. We'll see.


Thursday, September 22, 2011

Getting impatient for hockey.

Its almost October, so of course I'm getting antsy for the season to begin. A week or so ago a link to this video popped up on Twitter and I loved it. Watched it again and I still love it. Now you all watch it too, cause its cool. 


Explaining the title

my life, lmfao. 
If you don't know what this stupid drawing of a face is, well....Just...Why? Go learn the internets.

Moving on.

Title of my blog is 'okay.jpg' because of a shitton of inside jokes I have with Nina

We joke around about how our lives feel like they're going nowhere at the moment, and how we'll be old grandmas watching hockey together one day, and how our finest entertainment is actually us, sitting on a bench at Millennium park, people watching/mocking tourists. In short, we're both kind of like, "WELP, THIS IS LIFE, WE'RE NOT COOL, BUT OKAY LOLOL."

The joke with okay.jpg is that I don't actually pity my life, like the silly little meme guy does. I don't get upset and do nothing when something doesn't work out for me, I kick butt and work harder until it goes my way. I have bigger plans that involve going farther than where I'm at now, and I'll get there someday. One day.

But for now, everything's okay.


So yeah, I guess that explains it. Sort of. ITS A JOKE. Whatever. Okay. *leaves*


Wednesday, September 21, 2011


Before I start I would just like to say no, I haven’t read the Thor Marvel Comics so this is being judged purely as a movie. 
In case you don’t follow me on Twitter (which is probably a good thing, for you, cause I’m ridiculous ((for those that follow me, sorry, thank you for putting up with me)) I watched Thor earlier today. 
I sort of enjoyed it, and then I sort of hated it at the same time. mostly because IT COULD HAVE BEEN SO MUCH FUCKING BETTER AUFHASOIFHALKSFHA;SOFHASJKFHA;KJSFHASJKF 
I’ll get more into that in a bit. First lets talk about the things I actually enjoyed about the film. 
  • Character development: this is probably a bad one to start with because I have mixed feelings about how they developed Thor and Jane and the rest of the “mortals”, but overall I think they did a good job with the other major/minor characters, ie  Loki, Sif, Heimdall, and The Warriors Three Even Thor’s mommy. They weren’t so obvious and in-your-face like LOOK I’M BEING SUPER OBVIOUS ABOUT WHAT MY ROLE IN THE PLOT IS. They had individual attitudes, there were connections between them and how they interacted with one another. 
And here’s where the problem comes in with Thor’s mortal buddies, Jane & co: There was not enough time to form believable bonds between the characters. Maybe Thor and Selvig got a little buddy buddy and clicked while drinking or whatever BUT WE DIDN’T EVEN GET TO SEE THAT PART, JUST LIKE ONE MINUTE. Also, Jane, who is a “major” character (I GUESS YOU CAN CALL HER THAT. WHATEVER, NATALIE PORTMAN. I LOVE YOU, BUT NO) is not well rounded. All we can tell about her is that she’s a scientist and all her life’s research has been on these magnetic storms. YOU’RE LIKE BARELY EVEN THIRTY WHEN DID YOU START RESEARCHING, AT AGE TWELVE? LIFE’S RESEARCH, MY BUTT. FUCK OFF. <—-and that’s why I don’t like Jane as a character. Because we don’t know much about her and Thor irritatingly falls in love with her regardless. 
  • I really liked the way the plot flowed, minus the fact that they completely rushed Thor’s time on earth, getting to know Jane, etc. I wish they had done that better, there would have been more feeling to it and it would have been infinitely more enjoyable. Thor gets banished to Earth to be taught a lesson, and we barely even get to see him learn that lesson. We just get some stupid clips of him ordering people around like the arrogant hothead he is in rapid succession and then BAM! OH WAIT I’M SUPPOSED TO BE COMPASSIONATE WELP BETTER FALL IN LOVE WITH THIS CHICK OVER HERE AND THEN BAM! He gets the hammer back. woopty-doo. HOWEVER. MINUS ALL THAT, the whole plot about Loki and everyone back at Asgard while Thor’s off being banished is done really well. Even though it too is a bit rushed, you can still get where everything’s going, and you like/hate the characters and you can relate to it and its awesome, cause it makes you wanna spend more time with them. And again, this is because of…all together now: CHARACTER DEVELOPMENT. Seriously. Good character development makes a good story. Don’t get me wrong, plot, setting, etc etc are all super important too, but if you have a one-dimensional major character like Jane in this film, you’re not gonna give a shit about what happens to them, no matter how interesting the plot is. That’s not to say that minor characters should be payed attention to less development-wise, I mean look at Sif! She was on the screen for what, a total of 10 minutes in the movie, and I still loved her character more than Jane’s. FUCKING HELL I LIKED HEIMDALL’S CHARACTER MORE THAN JANE’S. Darcy, (Another minor character, but one of the mortals) on the other hand…
I don’t even have anything to say about Darcy’s character. She could be completely removed from the story and it wouldn’t matter. That’s how pointless she was. WHAT WAS SHE EVEN DOING THERE ANYWAY? I DONT KNOW. NO ONE KNOWS. SHE SAT THERE AND PLAYED ON HER PHONE AND MADE SEMI-WITTY COMMENTS. NOT FUNNY, JUST DUMB. 
  • Really, really liked the effects. I watched it in 2-D and, just the beautiful take the CG artists had on the rainbow bridge, Asgard, EVERYTHING REALLY, was just amazing. Loved it. *claps* /proud
  • i said this already, but I LOVE SIF. What an awesome minor character. Spunky, self-assured, loyal, compassionate, awesome. WHY ISN’T JANE LIKE THIS? OH YEAH, CAUSE SHE’S TOO BUSY DOING SCIENCE AND STUFF -_- 
HMMM WHAT ELSE. I’d watch it again, but I’d still get irritated thinking of other ways to improve it. The entire romance portion of the film needs to be redone. It was so bothersome to see two characters who barely know anything about each other fall in love. Just. augh. Made me mad.
So yeah. 
If any of you have seen it, let me know what you thought of it :D Agree/disagree? Anything to add? I’d like to know. 


So, I made a blog separate from Tumblr so I can actually write, you know, thoughts and stuff. Instead of just reposting photos of food and hockey and whatnot. ANYWAY. Feel free to stop by and read once in a while, I'll have this linked to Twitter, too.