Monday, April 16, 2012

can I be big in japan now?

I need like an entire day of sleep to get back on my feet. What is with me lately? Why so tired, Katie?


I think my body is deciding to call it quits before the semester actually ends. No body, this is not okay. We can't stop now. There is still work to be done. Lots and lots of work.

*yawns and sighs*

Guhhh. Anyway.

Plans for this week:
  • See advisor after class. Register for summer and fall. 
  • Possibly go to Game 3 on Tuesday. If not, Hooters it is. (Nina and I have decided its lucky, like my basement)
  • Flail at my new computer that will be arriving early this week. (so excite)
  • Exam Thursday, then going to Joe's after. 
  • Work during the weekend.
  • Wait impatiently for an email back from the artist program I applied for. 
My life is coooooooool -.-

I Skyped with Christian over the weekend. Him being in Japan has reawakened that desire I've had for years to go and live there, at least temporarily.
I had the chance to go during the summer between my junior and senior year, but that was also the year swine flu broke out and so Japan basically shut the door in our faces. I was devastated. Like, I think I actually cried when sensei told us the trip was canceled during the meeting we were originally having to receive the letters from our potential host families.

Looked at the prices just now for a round trip ticket to Tokyo. HA HA HA. -.- It would be so fun though. Can I drop 1000+ bucks for a week to visit my best friend in the coolest place on earth?

Sigh. Maybe someday.
Maybe someday I can be big in Japan.



  1. yao phuc. open up a paypal button on your tumblr so people can send you to Japan. 8D

    1. "Lobster, major bucks"

      Japan is lobster.

  2. Not the biggest fan of Japanese culture, but Christian's blog makes me so jealous for some reason. :c