Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Hawks, Art Program, Brave Trailer

I've come to terms with the Blackhawks' season ending. I think I came to terms with it a couple posts ago. Its all fine now. I'll add the last playoff cover to my Hawks wall and that will be that.

In other news, I had a dream that I got a letter in the mail saying I made it through the second round of the reviewing process for this art program I applied to.

Then I woke up and flailed off my bed and onto the floor. It hurt. I'm getting more and more nervous about this thing. I really, really want to get this thing, a six month opportunity to learn with professionals in the field (IN CALIFORNIA HELLO) would be so perfect. Still, I'm nervous that maybe the material I selected to turn in for my portfolio might not be good enough. Gah. I hate playing the waiting game.

Keeping my fingers crossed.


So excite. This trailer is awesome. I love that we see more of the family and now I finally know more about the plot. Excite Excite Excite!


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