Friday, April 27, 2012

Downtown Walks: Museum Campus, Burnham Harbor, and other places.

I really needed some time alone today.

I'd been stressed out over quite a few things and that in turn made me a very moody grumpy butt, and then this morning I found out I didn't make it to the second round of the reviewing process for the art program I had applied for and that just hit me really hard. I wanted it so bad. I'm tired of waiting for my life to start, tired of working in a place I hate and tired of taking classes that don't have anything to do with my career choice.

I want to go to art school. I want to learn more. I want to work and do something I love every day. So I thought if I applied to this program and if I somehow got accepted I wouldn't have to wait around any more.

Except I didn't. So that really bummed me out.

To take my mind off things I went to the Adler Planetarium to finish an astronomy assignment and then instead of going back home I decided to stick around and enjoy myself. I hadn't been out in a while because of the weather, and though it wasn't particularly great today (windy and chilly as usual for Chicago springtime) I really missed walking around the city on my own, so I walked.

I had brought my camera with me but Bruno had borrowed it the day before and he took out my memory stick and forgot to put it back when he was done, so I had to use my Blackberry's piece-of-shit camera.

Burnham Harbor and the Museum Campus are my favorite parts of the city. I love walking along by the lake with such a great view of the skyline. 
I always take a seat by the little yellow ladders and watch the waves slap against the concrete.
Sometimes I find trash in these areas. It makes me sad to see people do that. 
The girl further ahead was taking a solitary walk as well. We ended up walking in the same direction for a while.
As usual, I kept my eye out for any graffiti. Its a little habit of mine. This one was cool.
....The Skull King?
The Deadly Mushroom. Not to be confused with Friendly Mushroom, pictured below.
That was all the graffiti I found along the harbor's wall. From here I took a path between the trees to avoid the geese in the lake. 
It was much quieter here too. Less people; they usually do their running or biking or what have you on the right.
Most of the trees had already sprouted their leaves, but this one was still in full bloom. It was really pretty.
I like the little splash of pink it added to all the surrounding greens and blues.
From the harbor I headed towards Buckingham Fountain. I kept picturing what a mess it looks like around here during Lollapalooza. Sup statue guy.
Gino's East Pizza. Yummm :)
Stop showing off, you ostentatious fountain. 
That's a little better.
Derp horse-fish-thing....NAY.
Windows that are all covered up like this make me sad. The cafe looks so lonely.
Oh hey statue lady. What's that devil bird thing you got there?
I like this place. Its a little trippy, and reminds me of Alice in Wonderland somehow. 
I left Buckingham Fountain and walked on through the park, where these tents were being set up.
Hello Millennium Park! I shall visit you with Nina another time, and we shall mock all the tourists you attract together. 
I went on walking through this little park they have dedicated to cancer survivors.
The rows of flowers curved into the shape of a heart.
After making it this far I had gotten hungry so I went down to this little park that I like to come to sometimes and had lunch in a cafe nearby. They make good espressos. 
Afterwards I walked along the river for a bit before heading home. 

On the train I saw a young woman wearing yoga pants and she had a nice butt. I was unable to take a picture of the awesome butt. I am sad. 

But overall the walk downtown was just what I needed. I feel much better, less stressed, and not as bummed out about not getting into the art program. So that's good. 

So anyway, I got home pretty quickly and was about to go make myself some tea when the padrone called me and asked me to run an errand for him by the airport. By run an errand for him I mean drive his Mercedes to the airport to drop something off with a client and then drive back home. During rush hour. 

I was not amused. 

Please don't pull me over, officer. 
First off, I hate driving his car because I'm used to driving my big fat elephant of a van (I love you Horton <3) and its so much higher up than the Mercedes is and second, his gas pedal is harder to push on, so I'm always freaking out that the car's not accelerating fast enough when really it is, I just can't tell the difference as well because of how much pressure I need to put on the pedal. But the thing does run so smoothly. Ahh. If the van and my dad's car were roller skates, the van would be plastic wheels and the Mercedes would be gel. So smooth
But yeah I was not happy about waiting around at the airport and then getting stuck in traffic for fifteen minutes on my way back (which is ridiculous because my exit is like FIVE MINUTES AWAY NORMALLY). So in revenge I turned the speakers up on high and changed the station to some obnoxious dance music before parking the car back in the garage. SO EVIIIIIL.

I finally got back home and was looking forward to taking a little nap, but I found THIS GUY on MY BED. AGAIN.
(I have a Canon EOS Rebel T2i now. SO HAPPY. ECSTATIC EVEN.)

I guess I'll finally go have my tea now. Maybe do a little drawing. 
Well, I'm off! Hope you enjoyed the photos. :)


  1. Omg what was the waterbending building. I have never seen that. ALSO OMG THAT PICTURE OF YOUR CAT. SOOOOOOOOOOOO GOOOOOOOOOOOOOD.

    1. It's called Aqua Tower, near the Trump. Of course you've never seen it the only place you go to downtown is Navy Pier, ya noob.

      domo, domo. :D