Thursday, April 19, 2012

too many doodle ideas ._.

I've got a whole bunch of ideas for drawings lately. I just don't have the time to draw them but I know I want to get around to them soon (school finish already god dammit) so i've gone and made a list of them on my phone so that I don't forget. The notes I make for myself are kind of derpy so I thought I'd post em here too. I divided it up because there are various subjects and multiple ideas for each one.

Doodles List:

Derp Comics (some of these may only make sense to me, so uh, sorry)
  • katie versus fish staredown
  • first meeting
  • bus stop 
Gorillaz Stuffs (doyathing inspired ideas--again, some of these will not make sense)
  •  "man they look like/nope it aint us"  (gorillaz in Noodle masks --Melancholy Hill) 
  • Noodle and noodles (end of gorillaz)
  • Noodle finds Andre (fridge, blanket, guitar) 
  • 2D tucks in Noodle
  • Murdoc and 2D (funnies hugs)
Korra fanart stuffs
  • little Korra waterbending in tub
  • chi-blocked Korra (low angle/DRAMATIC OOO)
  • group hug (mako is not amused) 
  • hip-thrusting Korra
  • avatar-state Korra
 Tron drawings
  • "Survive" Zeus' lady--she is perdy
  • End of Line club thingy
15 drawing ideas. Lets see how many of these I get to.


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