Sunday, April 22, 2012

Whew! Long day has been long.

Had a ton of stuff to do today: Two English assignments, an early work meeting, actual work, and more homework. I'm still not even done. Its been quite a busy Sunday. But I like keeping busy so that's fine with me.

I've got to register for classes asap. My adviser said that I can transfer after I'm done with my fall semester, yay! I am excited.

In other news, Jin amused me with his whining today. He likes napping in high places and now that I've got a bunkbed with a fluffy blanket he's like "I GOTTA GET ME SUMMA DAT"


Well that's what he would say if he could talk anyway... Ehe... Er, yeah. So anyway! He figured out how to climb up to my bed today after I ignored his whines to pick him up and place him there. As soon as he found a comfy spot he was quiet. Little asshole cat.

Okay, I'm off to go do more homework. Two more weeks two more weeks!


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